The Stationery Business Isn’t Too Stationary

So my side project for the last few weeks / months has been which I started towards the end of last year. Basically, I review pens, paper, diaries and pretty much anything else that might be considered stationery.

A few weeks ago I took some time to send emails to a number of stationery manufacturers who I quite liked, and received quite a positive response. Pepople like my website and want to send me items to review. It’s amazing.

So far, I have recieved 3 notebooks, a Filofax(!), a 40% off to a stationery retailer and I am expecting more in the near future. It’s been so encouraging, and I hope I am able to keep it up.

My previous post about the Meta Game was a nice mind-experiment, however it hasn’t panned out yet. I haven’t had any time to work on making a website, and I haven’t heard hide nor hair from the other involved party. Perhaps it was just a good idea, and not quite worth the effort. We shall see.

The next few weekends are going to be crazy-hectic. I have numerous parties, weddings, events, barbecues and funerals (heh, joking) to go to, and Patrice is on placement at the hospital, so next week I am going to be getting up at some crazy hour of the morning, and getting to work in the city by 7am. At least I will build up a butt-load of time off.

Till next time, keep on trocking (trucking, and rocking)
– Andrew