Leading the Team

So over the last few weeks I have been acting as Team Leader at work. I think that as this time is wrapping up, I will be glad for the break back to normality.

The position isn’t that much different from what I was doing in my “pleb” role, but I was responsible for more of the “fixing” problems, than actually “telling people that we know about” problems. Some problems were easily fixed; you would make a phone call, talk to the system administrator, and the issue would be resolved. Others require more finesse, where you make 5 phone calls to work out who would be responsible for the system, then find out they are away that day.

You are also responsible for the communication to the senior staff. That’s the scary part. A problem is raised, it is completely up to you if you send communications or not, how you send them, when you send them etc. And if they aren’t right, someone gets in trouble. Luckily, this only really happened two or three times, and in those times, I only made a poor decision once. And my Manager (who got the blame) was ok with it. He is a great guy.

Long story short, it has been a stressful month-and-a-bit. This has impacted on my home life and my side-projects a bit as well. StationeryReview.com has suffered from lack of reviews, and while I have been working on TheLeek I haven’t put as much time in to it as I should have.

In the coming weeks, Skyrim is coming out, and I am hoping to make the most of it. I might even get a review posted (depending on how much I can play, and if I have the time.)

Have Fun Y’all,