CL4P-TP (Claptrap) 7″ Figurine

Recently I have been playing Borderlands 2. While I have finished the campaign, and I haven’t been enjoying the second playthrough as much as the first, I still love the style, story, art direction and character development within this amazing title.

When I saw the 7″ figurine at the local EB Games I knew I had to get it. It even made me clean up my desk at work so I could give it pride-of-place.

It has a number of points of articulation, including shoulders, elbows, the flaps over the arms and eye, and the wheel. The antenna also raises and lowers. The paint on the figure is very detailed, even down to the smears of dirt and mud around the wheel.

I am very happy with how it looks and feels, the only thing I dislike is the small plastic bar holding it upright doesn’t sit very firmly into the figure. It works, you just have to be careful.

I paid $34 from EB Games.