Galaxy S4 and my Android Homescreen

Four days ago I upgraded to a Galaxy S4 on Virgin Mobile. So far, it has been amazing. I just wanted to share how I have my homescreen set up, now I am fairly happy with it.


As you can see, I have gone for a dark, patterned background. This helps save battery, and it also makes the white icons and text easier to read. I have a picture of my wife on my lockscreen, and various widgets and other icons cluttering up my other screens, but I try and keep my homescreen as clean as I can.

My homescreen was made using ADWLauncher Ex, Zooper Widget, and the Minimalist Theme icon pack

As for the phone itself, I am really loving the size, weight and high-res screen. I have noticed a few things are a little fuzzy when they aren’t designed for the resolution, but all-in-all, it’s worth it. I have picked up a S-View cover, and am waiting on a Qi wireless charging coil for it. I’m really excited about that one!