I’m Back (Like Baby Got)

I am posting again on my blog. It has been a long time and reading some of my old stuff made me cringe. It is funny, however, that at the end of the second-last post about OSX I mention not getting a new laptop, and that’s exactly what I have done. Oh well. (Thank you Patrice <3)

Lots has changed since last update, most of which I don’t particularly want to write about. Coming up however (9 days, 23 hours, 33 minutes, 42..41.. seconds) Patrice and I are embarking on a trip to Europe, and I would like to chronicle some of that here, in everlasting digitalness. I can’t promise photos, or that anyone other than us will read it, but hey, blog maybe?

Other things I’m currently doing: Learning ServiceNow (ITSM/Cloud tool) which I am now a certified system administrator, Trying to learn Javascript, dealing with our new cat Pumpkin, Taking pictures with our new(ish) camera, and coming up with great ideas what I have not fleshed out at all but are totally a great idea. Virtual Reality is also pretty fresh right now, with Oculus and Vive launching. I wouldn’t mind getting one but they are not cheap. Maybe next generation?

Work hasn’t changed much, but it may in the future. With my ServiceNow admin credentials I’m looking to transition away from the Service Desk to the Service Management Project / maintenance of the application / development of new modules perhaps, so that will be interesting.

That’s all for now.



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