The Great Migration

Today marks the end of the great migration from my old web host to my new one. My old host Arvixe has put one step too many out of place. A colleague of mine mentioned they were acquired by a conglomerate known as EIG Hosting and ever since their support has been abysmal. Not to mention they stopped providing free domain privacy without telling me. Very poor. I have since moved to A2 Hosting and am fairly happy with them so far. During the upgrade I also updated my homepage with Bootstrap.

Work has been good. I have been learning a lot about ServiceNow as I continue to administer the system. Go-live is only 8 business days away and things are getting pretty fast-paced. In among the work I have applied for a new position a few steps up the ladder, and will be interviewing in a week or so. If all goes well I may be in charge of people soon!

Another project is on the go, however I don’t want to jinx it. It’s hard to find time between home and work, and motivation can be lacking after an already stressful day.

No Man’s Sky came and went. It was what they said it was going to be, and what I expected it to be, but it certainly fell short of what a lot of people wanted. I put probably 40 hours into it, and while I didn’t get to the centre of the galaxy, I definitely have done most stuff. I’ll go back to it when they have patched in a bit more content.

Thanks for listening!

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