< Two Days!

For those of you who don’t recognise ridiculous unicode references in HTML, that stands for Less Than.

We leave in 44 hours or so, and it’s very exciting. We have got some Euros and some GB Pounds (as we discovered there are other types of pounds, such as Gibraltar Pounds), and have pretty much packed our bags. The animals have been around a fair bit and they have been very sooky, almost like they know what’s going on. We are definitely going to miss them.

The air-ships we are getting the whole way are Boeing A-380’s, which come with in-flight wifi ($1 for 500mb) and power outlets to every seat, which means I should be able to at least write a bit, if not try continue to learn Javascript on the way over. I might even redesign my website (ha. I say that all the time).

Now all that’s left is to actually¬†go.

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